Sergei Toporov

Partner @Leta Capital

Sergey is Partner at Leta Capital with 6 years of active venture capital investment experience. He started as Principal investment Manager and built the fund pipeline processes from the scratch. Before the LETA Capital Sergey worked as a COO at the subsidiary of LETA Group - ASK Labs, which developed Advanced Process Control business in Russia - smart control solutions for industrial production in mineral fertilizers, oil refining and metallurgy fields. Therefore, he believes in machine learning, artificial intelligence and robotics future. Since the start of his career 14 years ago as a network technology engineer, he worked as a project manager at a consulting corporation, made a regional representative offices network of wholesale trade enterprises, participated in different business administrations, and managed the industrial automation projects of a large Russian company. Sergey graduated from Ural State University as Mathematician in Cybersecurity.

Leta Capital venture firm has grown from an investment strategy of Leta Group – a group of successful IT-companies. Now it manages several funds, the latest one is $50M size, with main focus on b2b-software companies. With deal sizes ranging from $400K to $2 million as an initial check, the fund is aimed at supporting innovative IT and high tech startup companies in their early growth stage (post-revenue). Leta Capital has made over twenty investments and about a third of them in Israel.