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AltaIR Capital is a VC firm that invests in very early/seed stage tech companies. The firm has extensive operational and investment experience in USA, Israel and Russia, taking a leading investor role, mentoring startups and providing operational support when necessary. Investing in Seed, Early Stage Venture, Equity Crowdfunding, and Debt Financing Investments.

Sectors: B2B/Enterprise, Computer networking, Data Analytics, E-commerce, Education, Entertainment, Health/Medical, Internet of Things, Jobs Recruting, Media, Medical Devices, Mobile, Retail, Social Networking, Software, Software Development, Web

Atooro Fund

Atooro Fund is an angel group investing in Seed, Early Stage Venture, Equity Crowdfunding, Product Crowdfunding, Private Equity, and Secondary Market Investments.

Sectors: Speech Recognition, mobile Security,Augmented reality, Digital Health, big data, Computer vision, IOT,​ On demand economy and artificial intelligence.


Baural is a business angel group that offers varied international experience in the analysis and preliminary assessment of long-term projects, as well as build relationships with other investors - venture capital and seed funds. Business angel investing - one of the most important elements of the new economy - the knowledge economy. By investing in technology, intelligence, creative team, a business angel lays future prosperity for themselves, partners of the country.

Binomial Venture Capital

Binomial Venture Capital invests in Early Stage Venture, Later Stage Venture, Debt Financing, and Secondary Market Investments

Sectors: Machine Learning, Insurance, FinTech

$50+m fund focused at fintech and cybersecurity.

Buran Venture Capital

Buran Venture Capital is a Central and Eastern European venture fund founded in 2012 targeting to invest US$75m over the course of the next 4-5 years in Central and Eastern Europe, Turkey, Israel and CIS. Headquartered in Budapest, the fund has offices in Istanbul and Moscow, as well as active presence in Tel-Aviv and Warsaw via partners. We invest from US$500k to US$5m in a single portfolio company.

Key areas of value creation include strategy, M&A/fundraising, HR, financial controls and leveraging our relationship network

Our target sectors are e-commerce services, Online Media, Mobile Internet, Communitanment, SaaS.


Burda is the Russian unit of the German media company looking for late stage investment opportunities in consumer internet companies.

Caspian VC

Caspian VC Partners creates successful long-term relationships by investing their capital, time and strategic expertise into portfolio companies in the global technology sector. Invests from $500k-$10m. Sectors: Transport & Logistics, Agriculture, Industrials, Consumer

Coalition Capital

VC and PE company that invests in Seed, round 

EG Capital Advisors

EG Capital advisors invests globally in companies with a high added value potential.   Pre-IPO and pre-M&A investment rounds,  small and mid-cap companies ($100 million- $ 2 billion).

Sectors: Fintech, Marketplaces, Biotech, SaaS and Big Data.


EVA Invest community of investors with industrial expertise and sufficient capital. They invest only in start-ups with a ready-made prototype and the first sales, the teams of which are ready to grow at least 10 times in 6 months.

Theiradvantage is the resources of the EVA Academy - the Venture Academy of Analysts, the Venture Academy of Lawyers, the Academy of Inventors EVA and the Academy of Sales

Investing in Hardware startups

Evrofinance Mosnarbak

One of the largest Russian commercial banks founded in 1993 in Moscow through reorganization of the finance company Evrofinance which was among the first joint companies with foreign capital in Russia


FINAM Global is a private equity and venture capital arm of Financial Analyst Investment Holding specializing in investments in growth capital, incubation, seed/start-up, early, mid, and late venture, later stage, and buyouts in mid- sized middle market technology companies.

Sector: Technology, media, and telecommunications sectors with a focus on consumer Internet, Internet retail, communications equipment, online services, production of software and games, payment systems, social networks, instant messengers, online advertising, e-commerce, publishing and digital media globally.

Foresight Ventures

Founded in 2010, Foresight Ventures is a seed-stage fund focused on information technology and high-tech startups. The fund invests in projects of the widest spectrum - from alternative energy to biomedicine, from the creation of new materials to engineering and metalworking. Priority is given to projects aimed at creating new or expanding and modernizing existing production facilities. Invests in seed and Early Stage Venture Investments with 10 billion roubles in the fund. Sectors: FinTech, Education, Biomed, IOT


VC firm that invests in US and Europe and actively engages cross border technology and business development opportunities in US, Europe, Israel, Russia and FSU.   Focused on early stage startups, hight-tech industrial projects in the b2b segment.

Sectors for investment: New materials, New chemical processes and technologies, Laser Technology, Energy saving and energy efficiency Oil and Gas Technologies

FinSight Ventures is a global venture capital firm focused on investing in financial technology and enterprise software companies. The firm’s portfolio includes LendingClub, Earnest, and Dianrong, among other leading fintechs. With a distinguished track record in identifying innovative companies, FinSight provides tailored support to accelerate their growth. 

Genezis Technology Capital

High-tech venture capital firm targeting Russia, CIS, USA, Europe and Asia. Invest from $300k to $2m, from idea to growth stage.

Global Innovation Labs

Global Innovation Labs is backed by an internet visionary with 20 years of experience in software development and telecom.

All Markets Mobile SaaS Software Productivity Software Business Productivity Internet Consumer Internet Enterprise Software


KamaFlow is an independent investment firm that was founded in 2012 in Moscow, Russia. They are specialized in innovative technologies in the fast-growing sectors. Kama Flow's competitive advantage has been grounded in a value-added investment approach that has enabled the firm to deliver high level services to its clients. Investing up to 1m USD


The largest asset management company in Russia & CIS with over $6 billion dollars under management.  Manage capital for investment funds from institutional investors with more than 20 largest pension funds and insurance companies in Russia.

Sectors: Telecom, IT, Fintech, Media, new software products, innovative materials, services and equipment with investments typically ranging from $1M-5M USD.  Portfolio: 10 startups, 2 exits

LETA Capital

LETA Capital – a corporate boutique venture fund investing IT- and hi-tech startups. The LETA Capital funded by successful Russian IT entrepreneurs, who invested their money and their experience. The aim of the fund is to support innovative IT startup companies at their seed or early growth stage. Annually, LETA Capital invests from $5 to $7 million dollars. Investing in seed or early growth stage.

Sectors: IT and Internet technologies for different economical sectors based on strong R&D, mostly in b2b area, which can disrupt existing market or make it more efficient, such as Business Intelligence, Big Data Analysis, Machine Learning approach, AI-based technologies for different industries,Traditional business process optimization or replacement, Robotics for business (logistics, production, etc.). Investment rounds; Late Seed and Early grow stages. Main investment focus is: Hi-tech IT products, Social internet solutions, New high-tech consumer hardware, b2b solutions, Mobile

Milkom Invest

One of the oldest investment companies in Russia.

Entered the TOP-50 of the largest investment companies in Russia. Today the investment company Milkom-Invest operates in virtually all sectors of the Russian securities market, has a reputation as a reliable partner and a steadily growing company.

MoneyTime Ventures

MoneyTime Ventures is managing a fund investing in the most promising start-ups primarily in fin-tech. They bring a solid experience in the banking industry, an incredible network of financial services companies and related technology vendors, and one of the biggest bank on the planet as their main partner (Sberbank). They are focusing on early-stage growth companies already generating revenue, in need for capital, brains and the right network to reach scale.

They are specifically looking for high growth early stage companies who are breaking new ground and addressing new markets with new technology. They have a focus on companies which will have an impact on existing players in the financial or capital markets.

Sectors: Mobile, Software, Finance, Analytics, Payments, AI

Phystech Ventures

Phystech Ventures is an experienced and trusted partner that supports technology entrepreneurs through capital, expertise and extensive networking, helping them scale their businesses in Central and Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and North America. They invest in a wide range of market verticals, with emphasis placed on b2b companies. Previous investments of the partners include ClassPass, RRT Global, Cibando (acquired by Zomato).

Sectors: IoT, connected platforms, Cybersecurity, Edtech, FinTech, efficient energy use, technology for oil&gas, new materials, sensors, robotics, and energytech.

Prostor Capital

Top 5 most active Russian funds, focused on high-yield investments in dynamically growing companies in IT and Internet markets. Among co-founders of the fund include Leonid Reiman, ex Head of the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications of the Russian Federation and Sergey Merkulov, one of the leading top-managers of the IT industry.

Sectors: IT and internet companies with international potential, usually invest from $1M and are looking for breakthrough technologies and the most talented entrepreneurs. Portfolio: 12 companies

RB Partners

RB Partners provides management of venture investments on «seed» and «early» stages aimed at creating challenging business based on innovative IT solutions.  Since 2004, the Company has successfully completed over 80 M&A projects exceeding US$2.5 billion and has invested in four IT companies in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Sectors: TMT, Financial, Retail, Medical, Pharmaceutical

Run Capital

Run Capital is looking to invest in seed and pre-A startups with technologies. Founded in April 2014 by entrepreneur Andrey Romanenko

Sectors: Fintech, Media, Saas, IT, Cyber

Runa Capital

Runa Capital is a technology-focused venture capital firm whose investments have created or incubated companies with more than $10B in assets. It consists of two funds – Runa I was launched with $135M in 2010 and has made 33 investments, and Runa II of $135M was set up in 2014 and is in active investment period right now.

The fund was established to seek early stage opportunities in the rapidly growing tech sector, with specific focus on cloud business applications, complex software (middleware, machine intelligence, etc), fintech, edutech and digital healthcare. Runa brings a team with extensive operational experience and is focused on finding growth businesses that generate revenues, supporting them in the global marketplace and turning them into international champions.

Sectors: SaaS, Software, Enterprise Software, Cloud Computing, Machine Intelligence, Middleware, Fintech, Edutech, Digital Healthcare

Mobile, Health Tech, Education Tech, Financial Tech, IT, B2G


RU-Net is today one of the world's most innovative and ambitious Internet and Technology investment companies. Headquartered in Moscow, ru-Net invests in great teams that build market-leading companies. Today the company manages a diverse international portfolio of about 30 investments spanning Russia, Europe, North America and South East Asia.

RU-Net's investment focus spans the full breadth of the international technology arena. From advanced IT automation, integration and outsourcing firms to energy technologies and the exciting world of the Internet and e-Commerce, RU-Net seeks to identify ideas and organizations that have the potential to become market leaders in their respective segments.

Saint Gallen

St.Gallem is a family office, finance boutique company that invests in startups at Seed, round A.


SDVentures is an international umbrella brand for a group of technology and software engineering companies. They invest in B2C internet projects. They have more than 600 employees worldwide across 6 offices globally, in New York, Moscow, Colombia, China, Philippines, Morocco and Belarus.

Sectors: Social Networks, Dating, Sharing Economy, Social Travel

Smart Hub

Boutique investment firm investing on seed and pre-seed cloud, fintech, mobile

Softline Venture Partners

Softline Venture Partners aims to invest in early- and growth-stage companies focused on IT and internet technologies.

Sectors: E-Commerce, Software, Cloud Data Services, Information Technology, Mobile

Starta Capital

Starta Capital invests in early stage innovative and technological B2B and B2C companies and projects. Starta Capital Investment Differentiators:

· Focuses on liquidity from initial consideration of an investment, identifying potential acquirers as well as their potential acquisition.

· Starta invest in early stage technological innovations with global adaptable business models.

· They have a proven method to select strong, motivated teams with leadership capacity in the CIS and US.

Sectors: B2B/Enterprise, Big Data, E-commerce, Media, Mobile


TONAP-Venture is part of the group of companies "TONAP" and invests both its own investment funds in the most promising projects, and attracts funds from Russian and foreign investors and venture capitalists. To date, more than twenty innovative projects have been implemented with the help of TONAP-Venture.

the Untitled

Invests in Russian niche projects at the seed stage in the sphere of Cloud technologies at the edge of online and offline activities connected to #RetailPerformance, #MediaPerformance, #MarketplacePerformance, #TelcoPerformance, #SocialPerformance and #BrandPerformance, which have a possibility for a global market expansion.   Invest at the first round only into projects that have a ready-made product or functioning prototype with tested hypothesis and exposed metrics, which are at the stage of operational payback or nearby. Size of the round is from 5 up to 15 mln RUR with the evaluation of 50-150 mln RUR.

Important advantage of such projects is functioning of one’s own technological platform and open-source architecture for integration into industrial product stacks, which solve market problem in its complexity.

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