Senior Associate

@Runa Capital

Konstantin has been working at Runa Capital for more than 6 years where he mostly focuses on deal sourcing, due diligence and portfolio development. His primary areas of investment expertise include machine intelligence, cloud business applications and fintech startups, and favourite startup markets are UK and France. Besides VC experience at Runa Capital, Konstantin worked at several startups, headed national startup competition, co-founded and subsequently sold small hardware company. He holds BS and MS degrees from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (department of innovations and high technologies).

Runa Capital​

Runa Capital is a technology-focused venture capital firm whose investments with more than $350M assets under management, investing in promising tech startups from Europe and the USA. Runa focuses on $1-10M early stage investments (mostly Series A) in its 3 core areas of expertise: deep tech (machine intelligence, middleware, mixed reality, etc), cloud business applications and IT for regulated markets (fintech, edutech, digital health). Runa brings a team with extensive operational experience and help the founders to built software champions on global markets. Since it launched the fund invested 60+ startups in 12 countries and made 15+ exits (including such cases as $670M acquisition of Nginx by F5 Networks)